Seminar series iDN

Colloquium of iDN


In the iDN colloquium, we have internal and external speakers from different fields of neurobiology.

This colloquium is jointly organised by the neurobiology groups from of the iDN at Johannes Gutenberg - University Mainz.


The colloquium takes place every second Thursday 12 - 14h.

The seminars are given in English.



09.11.2023 Prof. Stefanie Schirmeier, TU Dresden

"Metabolic Flexibility of the Nervous System“

(hosted by Dr. Eva-Maria Albers)


07.12.23 Dr. Erica Ehrhard, Universität zu Köln

Single-cell type Analysis in the Fruit fly Ventral Nerve cord

(hosted by Prof. Carsten Duch)


19.02.24 Prof. Julie H. Simpson, University of California at Santa Barbara

Mapping Neural Circuits for fly Grooming as a Model Motor Sequence

(hosted by Prof. Roland Strauß)


23.05.24 Dr. Carolina Rezaval,  University of Birmmingham

title to be announced

(hosted by Dr. Carlotta Martelli)